Are You Down in an Up Market?
Down in a Down Market?
Just Consistently Down?

PROVEN & TESTED Day Trading Software Eliminates the Guesswork!
Busting the Myths of Day Trading. One Hour a Day!

There are 5800 stocks. Less than 50 of them are worth following for Day Trading. Of these only 2 or 3 will present a good trading opportunity on any given day. The preferred stocks changed regularly. What was a great stock last week may not be so good this week. Many options are not liquid enough for you to trade.

The trick to successful day trading is buying low and selling high OR selling high and buying low. Most traders buy when the stock reaches a top and sell when it reaches a bottom. That’s because no one can predict the market (well, no one we know anyway…)

But we can spot trends. We can recognize when institutional buyers (and sellers) are getting close to their target prices. Follow the trend. Don’t be greedy. Recognize when the trend is weakening. Make your profit target. Take the rest of the day off. Most profitable trades occur within the first 90 minutes of the market opening. So there is no point hanging around after 11am EST, 85% of the time.

The Waves of Profit program consists of two parts: WoP Trend Following Software and Training. The software comes with a replay function so you can practice, try out strategies, see what works as if you were in the real market.

Traders often take our course and then try to figure out their own strategies. After a period of testing, they routinely come back to our system – proven and profitable.