Hermes Notice

If you want to have the Hermes features enabled in the Waves of Profit Live version, please read this page and copy/paste the agreement part and email it to us.

Notice, Disclaimer and Contract

The intent of this agreement is to clarify the Waves of Profit Hermes Coach and its limits and boundaries.

By asking for Hermes in the Waves of Profit Live Day Trader software you are constructively agreeing with the terms and conditions of this contract. If you have questions about this contract you are encouraged to get advice from a lawyer that you trust.

If there is any law in your jurisdiction that would supersede this contract and its contents, then you may not use the Hermes features because the contract is voided in part or in whole. It is your responsibility to know the laws in your location.

The Hermes Coach uses rules for normal circumstances to find conditions more favourable for trading. It’s inflexible with its rules and cannot adapt to uncommon situations, nor can it compensate for bad data. A human can compensate and adjust to changing or uncommon conditions. For example, there will be volatile times in the market that a human would avoid, yet Hermes will act as if everything is normal (when it’s not normal). It takes too much effort to teach a computer all the things that are possible in the markets and as such is beyond the scope of coaching for common conditions.

You must always be willing to override ideas that Hermes presents. He is only a coach, nothing more. Hermes follows one set of trading rules and presents examples of trading within a set of predefined rules. Hermes will show many trades that he would not take so you can see how he thinks (examples of following his rules).


I, _______________ , understand and accept that the Hermes features are solely as a coach for my benefit and that I must develop my own trading rules.

By emailing this to Allen   @   WallStreetGenius   dot   com, I take responsibility for all my trading decisions.

I wish to have the Hermes features enabled for my account Membership ID ____.

I acknowledge that all responsibility for staying current on updates, and changes to the Day Trader system, are mine and I will make ongoing efforts to ensure I have obtained up to date information.

I acknowledge that by copying and completing this Agreement and returning it to that I will be given the opportunity to use the Hermes features within the Live Day Trader system on the terms described above. Nothing anyone associated with the Waves of Profit Day Trader system says will alter these terms.